Chicken-and-Black Bean Chimichangas from Southern Living

Chicken-and-Black Bean Chimichangas from Southern Living

My roommates and I absolutely love Mexican food, so we're always looking for new, Mexican-inspired dishes to change up "Taco Tuesday." For example, last week we tried making our own taco bowls by flipping over a muffin tin, an idea we found on Spoon University. Let's just say, they didn't turn out quite like they did in the video. We've also made fajitas and burrito bowls recently, and we always serve any Mexican meal with loads of guac!

My search for a twist on our standard taco night routine led me to try Chicken-and-Black Bean Chimichangas from Southern Living's September issue for this week's #CookWithConfidence Post.


This recipe calls for deli-roasted chicken, black beans, green chiles, salsa verde, cilantro, flour tortillas, shredded cheese, canola oil, and a little salt and pepper. I quickly ran to the store to pick up the items we didn't already have on hand, and we were ready to get cooking!


This recipe is seriously too easy. Simply stir together the chicken, beans, chiles, salsa, cilantro, and salt and pepper in a large bowl and spoon the mixture into the tortillas. Sprinkle the tortillas with cheese, and then roll up and pop them straight into the skillet. The instructions say to fry 3-4 minutes over medium-high heat, but I'd suggest turning the temp down to medium. We learned the hard way with our first chimichanga, but the rest came out perfectly golden-brown. We set out sour cream, cheese, and guacamole for toppings, and we were ready to eat!


Absolutely delicious! My roommates and I didn't talk the whole meal, if that says anything about how much we loved these cheesy, crispy chimichangas. This recipe has all the Mexican flavors I love plus new flavors like green chiles and salsa verde, which are a great addition! This recipe is really adaptable, and you can stuff these chimichangas with almost anything you have on hand. If you're looking to cut back on calories and fat, try this lighter Chicken, Kale, and Mushroom Chimichangas recipe from Cooking Light.

It's easy to get stuck in a cooking routine, but I hope you're always looking to challenge yourself in the kitchen. If you're trying a new recipe this week, be sure to share your experiences with us by tagging #CookWithConfidence on Instagram or Twitter! Happy Cooking!