Cheese. Sausage. Croissants. Just the thought of these 3 delicious ingredients have me dreaming of breakfast all day, every day. When you see these 3 words in the title of a irresistible-looking casserole, it's definitely go-time!

This genius recipe comes to us from the December 2014 issue of Southern Living and I have wanted to make it at home for over a year now. I finally made time over the holidays and let's just say WOW. It has earned every bit of its 5-star rating and 9.4k shares on our site.


My parents do all the hard work of hosting family and friends for the holidays so I thought I would make this casserole to help feed the hungry crowd on Christmas morning. It was so easy to prep the day before and just deliver in a covered casserole dish to be baked the next morning. The perfect food gift amongst all the cookies and cakes!


The ingredients are pretty simple. Milk, eggs, salt, and cooking spray are always present in our house so there were only a few things to grab at the grocery. The recipe calls for mini croissants but the store was out so I just bought 4 large ones. Since they were getting torn to smaller pieces it worked just fine. I browned the spicy sausage, chopped the green onions and measured the cheese and salt before tossing it all together.


Mixing the eggs, heavy cream and milk and pouring over the casserole was the last step before popping into the refrigerator to chill for 8 hours or overnight. This recipe really is perfect for a holiday breakfast or brunch and allows you to do all the work ahead of time and enjoy your meal with your guests in the moment.


All you have to do is pull this dish out of the fridge when you are ready, top with Gruyère and bake at 350° for 45 minutes. The result is a super savory and filling meal with a little kick of sweetness from the croissants. The cheese makes it bubbly and rich and the green onions add freshness. You could serve this with fruit and hot coffee and I promise, everyone will be satisfied.


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