Let's face it. Sometimes "cooking with confidence" means tackling culinary adventures with enthusiasm and experimenting with new ingredients... And sometimes it just means getting a meal on the table that didn't come from a drive-thru window or out of a styrofoam container. Making a cheeseburger pizza kind of falls somewhere in the middle for me. Clearly, it's not the fanciest of meals but ketchup and pickles on a pizza? C'mon, that's pretty adventurous!


Our friends at Cooking Light have given us 78 super speedy recipes in their May issue, perfect for busy weeknight family meals. There, under the fast, fresh ground beef mains recipes, I found this tasty treasure. When I make a pizza at home, I usually keep it pretty traditional. Sausage or pepperoni with tomato sauce and veggies is the norm. I instantly liked the idea of this dish because it combines two classic comfort food favorites but this version saves more than 200 calories, 16 grams of fat, and nearly 670 milligrams of sodium over the leading fast-food cheeseburger pizza. Sounds good to me!


Using prepared pizza crust, pre-chopped onion, and shredded cheese makes this meal a snap to prepare. I am all about shaving time off of prepping meals because it translates to more family time before the day is done. Luckily, browning the ground sirloin and onions is the most involved step and that only took 4 minutes. I cooked half a pound of the meat and wrapped up the other half to keep for another meal this week. I have to admit, while mixing the ketchup and mayonnaise together to form the "sauce" for the pizza, I still had my doubts.


Sometimes it's hard to beat a hot delivery pizza when you're hungry and tired but this heavenly hybrid was absolutely delicious! I served it with arugula and spinach greens that we happily piled on top of each slice. The crust was cooked perfectly and the flavors went together surprisingly well. This is the type of meal you could easily customize to fit your tastes. Don't like pickles and tomatoes? You could add mushrooms, jalapeños, mustard, or a fried egg. If you would put it on your burger than you should put it on this pizza!


I should have known this yummy meal would be a home run. The recipe is new but it already has well over 500 social shares on our site and a 5 star rating. Our users don't lie! Kid-friendly, cheap, quick and easy dinners are always winners (especially when they taste this good)! Like this recipe? Follow us on Instagram and Twitter to see more brand new recipes. Make one of our dishes and post with the hashtag #CookWithConfidence and we'll regram and retweet our favorites. Happy cooking!