Nothing sounds as sweet to the ears (and a rumbling tummy) as 3-ingredient anything. For anyone who's low on time but demands something high on flavor, ladies and gentlemen, I have to rave about these pancakes. They're so easy and delicious. The only catch though is that you have to put on the Jack Johnson song, "Banana Pancakes" and sing along to it loudly in your kitchen while you make these. I also have to mention that these pancakes make only one single serving, so enough for about 3-4 pancakes. If you'd like to double, triple or even quadruple the recipe, simply do the math and add more bananas, eggs, and flour. Well should we get started? I think so!


Remember when the title of this post said, "3-Ingredients?" Well it wasn't lying. Literally, one banana, one egg, and two tablespoons of flour are all you need to whip up some pancakes. I cheated a little bit though and added some cinnamon as well because it's fall and that means cinnamon belongs in everything.


When you mash it all up together you get what pretty much resembles normal pancake batter, but with chunks of bananas tossed in. I purposefully left bigger chunks because I wanted that obvious banana texture, but you can certainly mash the bananas until more or all of the chunks are gone. Now at this stage, if you think your batter is a little too thin you can add some more flour to thicken it up a bit. Depending on how ripe or how big your banana was that you used will make the batter firmer or softer naturally, so just keep that in mind.


I used a little coconut oil to grease up my skillet before pouring out the batter into three portions (that were supposed to be normal pancake circles, but oh well.) and flipped them when bubbles started to form at the top, just like with regular pancake batter.


The recipe itself notes that these pancakes taste a lot like the soft inside of french toast, with that eggy, custardy texture, and that description couldn't be more spot on. Also, if you add cinnamon like I did, your pancakes we be a little browner in color and have more of a "whole-wheat" look to them like mine achieved. I have to say, the addition of cinnamon was a very tasty choice.


That's all there is to it! Basically, if you have fifteen minutes to spare and those three ingredients handy, you can have these pancakes ready and on a plate in no time at all. I would highly recommend this recipe to anyone. I already know I'll be making it again, although next time I have a feeling I'll probably tweak the recipe so I can have enough to share with friends and family. If you liked this recipe and would like to try it out, please do, and let us know how you liked it in the comments or on Facebook and Twitter! We love to see what you guys cook up. Tag your posts #CookWithConfidence and let us know how you did. Happy Cooking!