Whether you enjoy the high buzz of espresso or the mild effects of decaf, there's a brew out there for you, which is a good thing because today we're talking coffee. While it's definitely always best to rely on a good night's sleep and nutritious foods to supply your daily energy levels, a cup of joe isn't a bad idea as a pick-me-up if you need it. We've come up with some incredibly tasty (and even sometimes boozy) ways to enjoy a cozy, warm mug (or even a tall cold glass!) of your favorite brew.

If buying whole beans, make sure to invest in a great grinder to grind your coffee to get the most out of the flavor. Also, if using a french press, a coarser grind tends to work best. If you've never used a french press before, no problem! We can show you how. If you're a huge fan of espresso, you also might be pleased to know that you can make expresso on a stovetop, which means no espresso machine required. Take a look at some of our favorite coffee recipes and don't forget to join the discussion on Facebook and Twitter to tell us all about your own tips and tricks on making your favorite brew!

Spiced Coffee With Cinnamon Whipped Cream