It's the end of August, so it's not Valentine's Day, not even close, but yet here we are, discussing one of our absolute favorite treats ever: chocolate-covered strawberries. This sweet treat is always in style, always a fan favorite, and always delicious. Besides the already sweet added health benefits, chocolate is one of the tastiest ways to indulge and treat yourself after a busy week or a stressful work day, but of course, you don't need a reason to indulge at all, and that's why we're so excited to talk about these simple ways to get your chocolate fix! If you don't have strawberries on hand, we'd like to lend you a nifty guide to other foods you can dip in chocolate (as if all you chocoholics even need one...). Whether all you have in the kitchen is fruit, cookies, marshmallows, or even just a couple fortune cookies from the last time you ordered take-out, you can get your chocolate fix in no time.

17 Foods to Dip in Chocolate

If you've mastered the basics in chocolate-dipped yumminess, head on over to the advanced course where our friend JK Denim from Koalipops teaches how to create the cutest Hello Kitty themed strawberries EVER. And if you love anything and everything chocolate-covered, be sure to join the discussion and let us know your favorite ways to dip, dunk, or smother your favorite treats in chocolate over on Facebook and Twitter. We'll see you there!

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