Maybe we're a little biased down here in the South, but fried chicken goes well with just about everything, including waffles. Doused with plenty of bacon and maple syrup only improves this experience, leaving this duo to be a sweet and savory experience like no other. Today we're featuring some great miniature sliders, which make for a great party treat, appetizer, or brunch item. We're not stopping there though, there are plenty of ways to enjoy your favorite breakfast item and chicken together. Ready to dive in? Let's check it out!

Like our sliders featured today, these finger food bites below are an awesome party tray item. Another great idea? To add these to the spread for a rustic wedding party, rehearsal dinner, or shower. On top of that, we love these great alternative wedding cake ideas.

Buttermilk Chicken and Waffles

A classic "chicken and waffles" dish is typically a show-stopping affair. Hearty, crispy fried chicken topping fluffy waffles and drizzled with syrup to create a towering silhouette that leaves little extra room on the plate. Not for the faint of heart, this dish requires rolled-up sleeves and a full commitment to dive in head first to this plateful of Southern charm.

Bacon Waffles with Pecan Chicken Tenders

For anyone looking to keep to their New Year's resolutions this year, fret not, we haven't forgotten about you. No matter the dish, modifications can always be made to tailor it to you. These light and fresh chicken and waffles below clock in at under 250 calories per serving and still feature those delicious hearty flavors we all know and love from the classic dish. The addition of arugula, rotisserie chicken, honey, and chopped onions add some fresh and simple flair.

Chicken and Waffles

Ready to become a chicken and waffles expert? Be sure to see how the magic happens with these simple sliders by viewing this how-to video below:

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