By Emma Crist
September 27, 2016
Photo: Getty Images


Think about it: Who taught you how to use a kitchen knife? It's likely you picked up a few skills through watching someone else, or you simply "figured it out" yourself. Regardless of how you learned, unless you've attended culinary school and gone through focused training for it, it's likely you don't know exactly how to properly wield your Chef's or the best way to cut the ingredients you use in your kitchen on a regular basis. There's no shame in that--most folks don't.

While no one expects the home cook to be a chef-level expert in the kitchen, if you want to work most efficiently and safely (and look like a total boss when people come over), learning a few best practices for how to properly cut, slice, and chop common ingredients will go a long way. A few basic knife skills with your most-utilized tool--the chef's knife--can make a world of difference when it comes to your confidence in the kitchen.

And here's the good news: You don't actually have to attend culinary school to learn those few basic knife skills. Scroll on to learn the correct ways to chop, slice, dice, and mince to get the most out of your favorite produce:


Chopping onions can be a tearful experience (literally), but knowing the proper techniques and tips can help on certain fronts (can't promise you won't still end up crying). This video demonstration will teach you how to slice and chop onions like a pro resulting in uniform pieces every time.



The aromatic and savory-sweet flavor of fresh garlic has the power to transform any meal. This quick instructional video will teach you how to peel and mince fresh garlic like a pro.


Learn how to handle this vibrant, flavor-bomb root, along with some excellent applications for it.


Enjoy the sweetness of fresh corn with no hassle using this simple trick.


With a few useful tips, learn how to prepare, slice, and chop bell peppers with ease. But first things first, start by removing the seeds and membranes in just a few simple steps.


Perfectly sliced or cubed potatoes are simple to achieve. See how below.


A sharp chef's knife and a proper grip are all you need to efficiently slice and dice carrots.


This may seem a little advanced, but I swear it's not hard. See how to trim an artichoke and scoop out the choke with a few simple steps.


Forget losing 30% of your avocado on the board or in the skin. This is how you remove the pit and flesh of an avocado with ease.


Here's an easy way to cut fresh mango cubes to get the most out of this juicy-sweet tropical fruit.


Everything you need to know on how to handle your apples.


Discover a new trick for removing the hull from fresh strawberries.


Learn how to slice and chop tomatoes like a pro with these quick knife tricks. Use a pairing knife to core the tomato and a serrated or chef's knife to get even slices. This will ensure you get uniform pieces every time.


Learn how to utilize your knife comfortably to cut the top, base, and thick skin off of a fresh whole pineapple.


Life just got a whole lot easier thanks to these hacks for enjoying your favorite fruits even faster.