By Jessica Colyer
July 06, 2015
Great Campfire Recipes


Consider this a call for all camping aficionados, fire tending champions, and cookout kings and queens! I know I can definitely vouch for this from personal experience, but have you ever planned to spend all day in the great outdoors and at some point thought, "Now this is great and all, but what are we going to eat?" When you're out having fun and being kept busy by summer activities, those hunger pangs can hit fast. Simple recipes that satisfy are the key choices to go with. It's no surprise that a camper's favorite tool (although they can get pretty heavy) is the cast iron skillet.


A Cast Iron Skillet Breakfast Feast!


Cast iron skillets are not only wonderful for cooking, but when properly cared for they can last a lifetime. Think about that next time you toss out yet another scuffed up non-stick pan... And yes, cast iron skillets can and will get hot, so always protect your hands. Never grip the handle without a potholder, and make full use of trivets and heat resistant plates to rest the pan on when not in use over direct heat. Of course, it's great that this skillet is portable because great camping spots can range from roughing it in the wilderness to throwing a simple backyard campout party.


Have a Backyard Campout


Wherever you go on your outdoorsy getaway, finishing up a great day with great desserts is like the cherry on top of a perfect cake. An easy way to prep for dessert time is to set up a s'mores table, which is a lot of fun for parties and get-togethers, and is a kid-friendly way to let everyone fix up their own treats just how they like them. The Spiced Peach Tart featured below is made with an almond pastry crust, so even gluten-conscious eaters can indulge in this tasty treat, straight out of the skillet.  It's always worth it to  remember that memorable experiences can come from anywhere, even from your own backyard.



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