Bunny Face Cupcakes

Bunny Face Cupcakes

Easter has really snuck up on me this year (April 5th, what?), and it seems like the year is flying by at a pace I just can't keep up with. Wasn't it New Year's Day like last week? When did we pass by Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day? After Easter, it seems like there aren't many holidays to get excited about until the Fourth of July (unless you're REALLY into Arbor Day...).

If you haven't picked a pretty spring cake to make for Easter, better "hop" to it (sorry). These popular Bunny Face Cupcakes from All You magazine would make a fun baking project for kids and an economical way to use up Easter candy. Tuck them into Easter baskets on Sunday morning or bring them to work to brighten a coworker's spirits. Even if you don't celebrate Easter, bunnies are cute and everyone loves cupcakes!