Better than liquid smoke.
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Smoking Gun Ribs
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It’s tough shopping for that one friend or family member that acquires all the cool, techy toys minutes after they’ve been released into the market. You know, the ones that always have the new iPhone, are the first to talk to Alexa, and would opt for a Tesla over a Prius? They either already have the item you were considering gifting or the item they want is way out of your budget. That’s why the Breville Smoking Gun is the best nerdy gadget to gift to that kind of special person. The Smoking Gun allows you to easily infuse foods and cocktails with a true smoky flavor without using an actual smoker—in turn, saving you hours of time.

The advancement of kitchen appliances for consumer use allows avid home cooks to mimic professional-style cooking techniques in the comfort of their kitchens. This is true when the consumer-friendly sous vide machine hit the shelves for purchase. The smoking gun is another gadget that will bring your cooking skills to a new culinary level. Not only does smoke impart flavor, it gives your food an extra element of wow, especially if you are already a mad scientist in the kitchen. This nerdy gift allows you to bring the very tool that chefs use to win over their guests, straight to your home kitchen The actual smoker weighs just about a pound, fits into a kitchen drawer with ease, and is powered by AA batteries (which makes it portable). The smoker has 5-star reviews on Amazon with verified purchases exclaiming how much they love the product and can’t put it down.

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The Smoking Gun comes with a jar of applewood or hickory smoke chips that are inserted into the burn chamber. You only need to light a pinch of wood to get the smoke flowing. The gun creates a stream of cooled smoke that pumps out of a connected tube into your food. You have to encapsulate the smoke around the food in order to infuse it. By using items such as plastic wrap, plastic containers with lids, ziplock baggies, or pots with lids. As the smoke circulates around the food, it should “steep” for a couple of minutes. This is when it will start to take on the smoky flavor. This technique also works with cocktails. When you are making a drink, trap the smoke in the shaker for your next savory cocktail, such as a bloody mary or a dirty martini.

The types of food that you can smoke are only limited by your imagination. The stream of smoke is cooled, therefore, you can smoke perishable items such as cheese, egg dishes, and even milkshakes. Simply fill your blender with smoke, cover with the lid and blend. You could even experiment with a smoky egg nog for the holidays—it’s worth a try!

Certainly make sure all your foods are fully cooked through.. The smoker only adds flavor and does not affect the temperature or texture of your food. Add an extra puff of smoke to your spatchcock roasted chicken, pan-seared steak, or cod fish filet for that fresh off the grill flavor. You are also not limited to the wood chips that are provided—get creative and experiment with dried herbs, spices, and teas as other ingredients to burn for smoke. If this is a gift for the borderline genius in your life, then there’s no telling the amount of mastermind dishes they can devise (and feed you) with the help of this nifty tool.