Oh boy, have we got a great personal-sized breakfast secret for you guys today! If you have an oven-safe mug and just four simple ingredients (all of which you probably already have on hand) that is all it takes to get a hot and lovely breakfast souffle that's done by the time you're finished getting ready to head out the door in the morning. Are you excited? Well we're definitely excited to show you how it's done!

This is one of those easy recipes that's customizable and easy tailorable to your favorite tastes. Don't like cheese? That's fine, just leave it out. Maybe you'd love a spicy kick? For that, you can add in some homemade sriracha to get the desired amount of heat. Whatever your preferences, this is a quick and easy way to get a decent meal in the morning. We hope you enjoy it! Leave comments below or join the discussion on Facebook and Twitter to let us know all your favorite ways to grab a quick and delicious breakfast.

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