From budget-friendly to professional-grade, these are the smartest buys you can make for your next hand mixer.
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KitchenAid KHM512ER 5-Speed Ultra Power Hand Mixer
| Credit: Amazon

Yes, we all dream of owning an electric stand mixer (particularly a gorgeous KitchenAid workhorse). But not everyone has room in his or her budget (or counter space) to splurge on such a big-ticket item.

Enter, handheld mixers. A quality hand mixer can open up a whole new world of baked goods and make a variety of time-consuming tasks easier. Just like their free-standing counterparts, hand mixers can quickly whip cream, fluff mashed potatoes, and mix cookie dough—but at a fraction of the price. Plus, they don't take up nearly as much space, conveniently packing away in a cabinet or drawer.

And there are tons of options out there, from budget-friendly basics to sleek, multi-speed mixers, but some are more powerful, intuitive to use, and easier to clean than others. So to help you find the best hand blenders for your needs, we turned to reviews from real customers who bought and tried out the tools for themselves. What's more, they're all available to order on Amazon.

Whether you need a wallet-friendly find or are looking for a powerful professional-level hand mixer, these best-selling options all have near-perfect ratings and rave reviews describing why they're so great.

Here are the six best hand mixers on Amazon, according to customer reviews:

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Best Overall: KitchenAid 5-Speed Ultra Power Hand Mixer

KitchenAid KHM512ER 5-Speed Ultra Power Hand Mixer
Credit: Amazon


This small but mighty KitchenAid proves you don't need an Artisan for high-quality results. From slowly mixing in chunky ingredients like chocolate chips to quickly whipping egg whites, KitchenAid's 5-Speed Ultra Power Hand Mixer is flexible enough for a wide range of recipes. It features a lockable swivel cord so you can approach ingredients from any angle, and its ejector button makes it quick and easy to remove accessories. Plus, it comes in 15 stylish colors, including KitchenAid's classic Empire Red.

It's Amazon's most-reviewed hand mixer, with more than 2,200 five-star ratings. Shoppers rave about how powerful, quiet, and easy to hold the machine is. "For a hand-held beater this is the best I've used," one reviewer wrote. "It's got a good low speed and high speed with everything else in between. The one I have has lasted forever and I've just purchased one for my daughter who is married and in her own home now and the hand mixer she received for a wedding gift just wasn't cutting it. This is an excellent value and the colors are fun, too!"

To buy: $40 (originally $60);

Best Budget Pick: BLACK+DECKER Lightweight Hand Mixer

BLACK+DECKER Lightweight Hand Mixer
Credit: Amazon


At just $16, this straightforward mixer is also easy on the wallet. It's lightweight (just one pound!), meaning your arm won't get tired as you mix batters, and features a comfort grip for easy holding. It also has five speeds, plus a power boost option for thicker ingredients like mashed potatoes.

Amazon shoppers rave about the blender, saying it's both powerful and easy to handle. "The light weight really makes a difference," a user said. "I usually only use my stand-mixer and I remember hating hand-mixers because my arms would get so tired, but sometimes you need an extra mixer. This mixer is so light that my arms never get sore and the power-fullness surprised me, given its weight."

To buy: $16;

Best Professional Pick: Breville Handy Mix Scraper

Breville BHM800SIL Handy Mix Scraper Hand Mixer
Credit: Amazon


With tons of power and thoughtful design details, Breville's Handy Mix Scraper is an excellent tool for home bakers. Its 240-watt motor powers nine speeds (from super gentle to turbo-boost), while rubber-coated scraper beaters keep ingredients from flying out of your bowl and noise to a minimum. It also features a screen with a built-in timer for precise mixing, LED light to illuminate the bowl, and a pause button perfect for when you need to add ingredients.

Most impressively, the Breville Handy Mix Scraper includes Beater IQ Technology, which recognizes whether you've attached beaters, whisks, or dough hooks, and automatically adjusts the speed. And when you're ready to clean up, remove attachments with a handy quick-release and store everything in a snap-on storage case.

With all these bells and whistles, it's no wonder the mixer has a wow-worthy 4.7-star rating on Amazon. Users describe how quiet and durable the blender is, as well as how easy it is to use. "I tried several other recommended mixers but they were near as good as the old kitchen aid," wrote one user. "The Breville is and a bit better. Mixes cookies like a champ, whips cream super well. The little features I didn't think would really matter, like the built in timer, as slowly becoming a must have. Even the cord and storage box are 'human' engineered and super easy to use. Outstanding mixer!"

To buy: $124;

Most User-Friendly: Cuisinart Power Advantage Plus 9-Speed

Cuisinart HM-90S Power Advantage Plus 9-Speed Handheld Mixer
Credit: Amazon


For a reliable kitchen workhorse that's intuitive to use, turn to the Cuisinart Power Advantage Plus 9-Speed Hand Mixer. With 220-watt motor and nine speed options, it easily blends cookie dough and whips up fluffy cream. To keep ingredients from splattering out of the bowl, the mixer features a SmoothStart option with three low mixing speeds. It also comes with a variety of attachments, including beaters, a chef's whisk, dough hooks, and a spatula, in addition to a snap-on case to store everything in.

Over 700 Amazon shoppers have rated the Cuisinart mixer five stars, calling it clever and powerful. "When my old hand mixer died I wanted one with more power, since I'd always strained my old one mixing up cream cheese for cheesecakes," a reviewer wrote. "This one doesn't strain at all. It handles all of my mixing beautifully (caveat: I don't cook as a hobby, just to eat). The slow start works to keep down spatter. Getting the cord back into the storage box is a little tricky, but otherwise I'm very satisfied and hope this mixer lasts as long as my old one did."

To buy: $63;

Quietest Pick: KitchenAid 7-Speed Digital Hand Mixer

KitchenAid KHM7210ACS 7-Speed Digital Hand Mixer
Credit: Amazon


While hand mixers are great tools for quickly creaming butter and sugar or bringing a sauce together, they can be roaringly loud. But according to hundreds of Amazon reviews, KitchenAid's 7-Speed Digital Hand Mixer performs quality work with a quiet strength.

"Even though the reviews stated how quiet it was, I was still amazed," one Amazon shopper wrote. "It is very quiet, not too heavy, easy to handle, beaters insert and eject easily, and does an excellent job of mixing my cake and muffin batters… I have arthritis, especially in my hands and wrists. I was concerned that this mixer would be too heavy or awkward and I would have difficulty using it. Not at all. This is a great, inexpensive hand mixer."

Like KitchenAid's 5-speed mixer, this model features a lockable swivel cord for convenient maneuvering, as well as a single-press attachment ejector button. It also includes seven speed options, plus a Soft Start feature that keeps ingredients from flying out of the bowl. What's more, it comes in eight bright colors, including Pistachio, Liquid Graphite, and Onyx Black, making it a stylish option for any kitchen.

To buy: $70;

Most Powerful Pick: Braun MultiMix Hand Mixer

Braun HM5100 MultiMix Hand Mixer
Credit: Amazon


If you're purely interested in power, the Braun MultiMix Hand Mixer was one of the strongest on the market. With up to 350 watts, the German-engineered mixer can easily work through the thickest mixes, while its in-line vertical motor design shifts the weight of the mixer into the bowl (and not your hands). It's simple to control how fast or slow you mix with an easy-to-use speed dial, and its multi-whisk attachment is a whisk and beater in one, eliminating the need to switch while mixing. And for those of us who hate cleanup, Braun's hand mixer has a completely sealed system, so nothing gets inside the housing.

Amazon shoppers call the under-$75 mixer a great value for the money, rating it 4.6 stars. "I replaced my 20 year old hand mixer with this new Braun," wrote a user looking to bake homemade bread. "After doing a lot of research on which mixers were powerful enough to withstand kneading whole wheat dough, I chose the Braun. It is amazing! It is very easy to use, comes with beaters, dough hooks, and the model I bought also has a mini blender/chopper. The motor is powerful and does not lag even with stiff dough. Best mixer I've ever used. Highly recommend!"

To buy: $61 (originally $70);