Calling all comic book fans! The new television series The Flash will be premiering on the CW on October 7th. If you're planning on watching the premiere, your viewing party won't be complete without...cake. J.K. Denim, who has created a Become a Baking Rockstar video series for MyRecipes, has just the cake for this occasion. And I think the fastest man alive would definitely approve.


In case you aren't familiar with the story line of The Flash, CSI investigator Barry Allen witnesses an explosion at a public unveiling ceremony for S.T.A.R. Labs' new particle accelerator. Barry is struck by lightning after the explosion causes a freak storm, and he spends the next nine months in a coma. When Barry wakes up, the S.T.A.R. Labs team helps him learn how to readjust to the world, the crime that erupted during his coma, and his new abilities--super speed.

This how-to video not only shows you how to decorate a cake to look like The Flash, it also comes with stencils for the lightning bolt cookies and the shape of The Flash's mask. I've decorated many cakes in my day, but I love how JK outlines the mask on top of the cake with red frosting. It makes it so easy to see where the red frosting goes and where the white frosting goes. Then you attach the shortbread cookie lightning bolts to the sides and voila! You're ready to eat some cake and ready to watch your new favorite show.

Check out the video below and all the other videos JK Demin created for us!