If you haven't heard, MyRecipes is collaborating with YouTube baking badass JK Denim, aka Koalipops. He's got a flair for creating impressive desserts that are actually incredibly easy to make, and he walks you through each step in his self-made videos. JK's honest, funny personality shines on camera as he effortlessly whips up pop culture-inspired sweets. You may have seen these adorable Guardians of the Galaxy Groot cupcakes, which went viral last week, or this amazingly accurate TARDIS cookie inspired by Doctor Who. Now, he's cooked up a fabulously easy and delightfully sinister blackberry pie in honor of the upcoming premiere of Fox's new series, Gotham.


Seriously, have we mentioned how much we love this guy?

JK designed the bat stencil to look imperfect, and he cuts little slashes in the letters to give it a diabolical look. "It looks like a murderer made it!" he says at one point in the video. If you're hosting a viewing party for the Gotham premiere with friends, bake this pie. If you're watching the premiere alone, bake this pie. If you're actually Bruce Wayne, you should probably go fight evil. And then bake this pie.

Watch the full video here: