All About Avocados
Besides being a fiesta favorite, there are many more reasons to lovethese avocado recipes. Avocados are packed with vitamins (like B & C), dietary fiber, and monounsaturated fats, which may help lower cholesterol. Work more into your diet with tips for buying and serving plus six new recipes including–yes–guacamole.
| Credit: Cooking Light

I am an abnormal person, so when people ask "What's your favorite food?", I don't say something normal like pizza or tacos. This is actually a loaded question for me. I do love pizza and tacos (and all food, really), but if we're talking about my all-time favorite, the answer is avocado. Now, when I say this people normally look at me weird. They may even make a face of disgust as if they do not know the wonders of the world's most perfect food. But to me, avocado is everything.

Avocado is definitely a trendy ingredient right now, so it's not hard to find on menus and in the produce aisle. The green, bumpy-skinned fruit might seem intimidating to someone who has never cut one open, but it really is easy! Watch this video, or follow my (minimalistic) how-to guide:

1. Cut in half.

2. Remove pit.

3. Scoop out insides.

4. Eat on anything and everything!


When I say everything, I mean everything. Avocado is very versatile, and I probably eat at least half of one daily (sometimes a full one!). It's full of good fats, fiber, folate, potassium, and vitamins K, E, and C. It promotes cardiovascular health, provides optimized absorption of carotenoids (antioxidants), promotes blood sugar regulation, AND has anti-inflammatory properties. In other words, YOU SHOULD BE EATING THIS STUFF! After all, an extra scoop of guacamole never hurt anybody.

Like I said, avocado is versatile. My favorite way to enjoy it is simply smashed on toast with a squeeze of lemon, flaky salt, and cracked pepper. If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably seen one too many photos of avocado toast looking all moody in the morning light. Oh, avocado, how I love you.

Here are some more easy ideas:

1. Guacamole, duh.

2. Make a quick salsa to spoon over tacos, burgers, soups, and grilled fish.

3. Spread on sandwiches in place of mayo.

4. Toss chunks into your salads or puree into a creamy dip.

5. Crack an egg into an avocado half and bake until set.

6. Use it to make Easy Avocado Chicken Salad (how-to video below).



...And the list goes on: