Ok wine lovers, we're going to delve into some cozy fall territory here. For every other time of the year, there are drinks on the rocks, frozen, shaken, stirred, blended... but if you have yet to try warm simmering wine made complete with mulling spices, cinnamon sticks, and other fabulous fall flavors, you're definitely missing out on some seasonal awesomeness. Put down the apple cider and hot chocolate (unless you're under 21, then pick those back up ya hooligans...) and pick up a warm mug of mulled wine for your next dinner party, outdoor event, or gathering with friends.

Mulled wine is easy, simple, and is also great way to booze it up while keeping cozy as the temperatures drop. You can make mulled wine in a pot on the stove or in the slow cooker. Dry red wine works the best, unless you're after a super-sweet flavor. My first time making mulled wine was in a slow-cooker, and I accidentally ended up simmering it for over 5 hours (don't remind me!) and was left with a super sweet syrup-like concoction where the alcohol had been completely cooked out. So just keep that in mind as a reminder not to over-cook it. A quick warm simmer is all that you need! This drink recipe is easy, heartwarming, cozy, satisfying, and great for a girl's night, outdoor sporting event, or dinner party.

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