Plain popcorn is great, no complaints there, but when you add caramel (or anything sweet, we're looking at you, kettle corn) to popcorn, you end up with sweet and salty snacking bliss. Adding caramel to your popcorn is reminiscent of classic Cracker Jacks, except it's easy and a lot of fun to make your own homemade version (mostly because you get to control the caramel to popcorn ratio.) So to highlight our love for caramel popcorn, we've rounded up six of our favorite ways to enjoy it, starting with these three below:

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If you've never tried caramel popcorn with pepper before, give it a try! Sometimes unlikely combinations result in amazingly delicious things, like in our next group of favorites, we're looking at caramel popcorn that is baked inside cookies. This unlikely pairing makes for a great batch of cookies with a tantalizingly salty and sweet edge to them. Check out these next three recipes below.

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What are your favorite ways to make or enjoy caramel popcorn? Let us know in the comments, we love to hear about what you guys create in the kitchen. And while we're on the subject of yummy desserts... remember those cookies we were talking about? Well, imagine if all of that caramel popcorn loaded cookie dough was placed into a skillet! This month we experimented with skillet cookies, and I think we can all agree that they were a fantastically delicious success. Now excuse me as I try to refrain from drooling on my keyboard...