It's such a huge plus when a recipe is simple. Simple is awesome, right? There are times to whip out those huge and complex recipes that we all know and love, like Nana's prized traditional pot roast, or the family recipe for pecan pie that just HAS to have every single ingredient, no exceptions. But then, there are just those days where less is more, and that's what we're talking about today. Whether you have one ingredient or six, we've found some perfect recipes for you. Take a look!


Honey Taffy

Making your own homemade taffy literally requires just one ingredient: honey. You'll also need to have some cooking spray handy, so if you consider that to be another ingredient, that's fine, but really the honey gets to be the main event in this super-easy candy recipe that you can make at home. If you've ever wanted to play the role of the candy man and sing that song from Willy Wonka and twirl around a cane (the cane is optional, but arguably the most fun), then all you need is a jar of honey!


Got chocolate? Got strawberries? Alright then, looks like you've got dessert. And not just any dessert - it's important to say here that chocolate-covered strawberries are like the jackpot of all desserts. This sweet, chocolatey treat is also obviously the best way to enjoy your daily fruits, and chocolate has antioxidants in it, too, so yeah. Do it for health.


3-Ingredient Pancakes

Oh, pancakes... we love you so much. What we love even more is that the ultimate breakfast food just got a huge minimalist upgrade. 3-ingredients to delectable homemade pancake bliss? Perfection! And by the way, these aren't your normal pancakes either, they have a french toast type of quality that makes them super unique and hard to resist. We would know, we've tried it.




Short on time for breakfast? It's really as easy as combining 4 simple ingredients in one mug, and these are ingredients that you probably already have lying around in your fridge. Just one egg, some milk, cheese, and 2 pieces of crescent roll dough combined together create a super easy souffle. Baking this in the oven creates a warm, fluffy result, but if you're feeling brave you can try it out in the microwave (if you do, let us know how it turned out!).


This brunch/lunch/dinner/breakfast item is so simple and really does only require 5 ingredients. This is such a simple dish that is super satisfying and full of protein, carbs, and yummy bacon. So whether you're just getting your day started or winding down for the evening, you've got yourself a filling dish that everyone can enjoy.




Yep, these cookies require only 6 ingredients, are gluten-free, and are also our most popular cookie recipe ever. What's not to like? Peanut butter is the backbone of this recipe, so if you need to be aware of any nut allergies, you can always substitute for another nut butter. Have you ever heard of SunButter? It's a sunflower seed butter, and it's a delicious peanut butter alternative. This recipe is the holy grail of 6-ingredient recipes, for obvious reasons.

Planning to try out any (or all) of these great recipes? If you like what you cook up, give us a shout in the comments section below and let us know how it turned out for you! And as always, be sure to pay us a visit on Facebook to see what we're cooking up today. See you there!