When you get bored with that bottle of wine (Ha! Yeah right...) and long for something else to do with it besides drinking it plain, look to these awesome boozy slushies to cool down and have fun with some amazing flavors. This is definitely an arena where you can get as creative as you want. Not a fan of wine? No problem, substitute your favorite liqueur instead. Rum or tequila work really well in these recipes. Simply pile in the fruit and get your share of vitamin C and antioxidants along with a little wine buzz. Is it summer, yet?


This dessert requires an entire bottle of wine and an ice cream maker, and works best when all of the ingredients are cold. The ice cream churn gets all of the ingredients nice and creamy, and the end result is oh-so good.


Four ingredients! Does it get any better than that? Red wine, sugar, frozen raspberries, and lemon juice. That's it. Blending all of the ingredients together and then freezing them creates a luxuriously spiked icy dessert, perfect for the incoming warm weather.


This recipe's notable requirements are a blender and some gin. Have those? Then you're well on your way to these amazing spiked slushies. Of course, raspberries, lime, and sparkling water play a big role, too. If you aren't a fan of gin, some champagne or a sparkling white wine would work perfectly here.


Peaches are in peak season anywhere from May-September, depending on where you live. They offer a sweet, yet tangy flavor to a multitude of dishes, but they also work amazingly well when paired with limes in this frozen granita.


Want to feel fancy? Try adding a little Chambord Liqueur to this next dessert, a flavorful granita that practically demands, no, begs, to be enjoyed while lounging by the beach. Chambord itself is a berry-based liqueur, so it makes perfect sense as a player in this fruity recipe.


Of course, there are also a multitude of other boozy frozen treats not covered here today that you can sink your straw into. If you want to dig into those, check out the rest of our collection. And if you loved these recipes and have caught summer fever, learn how to make a Bahama Breeze by checking out the video below!