We talk a lot about sweet and salty desserts, but what if we were to combine desserts with a standard lunch item like grilled cheese? If the savory-sweet train hasn't hit you yet, don't worry, one look at any of these bold and brilliant grilled sandwiches will you have you on board in no time. If you haven't gotten creative with your panini press or griddle in a while, below are some great ideas to get the foodie juices flowing. To start off with, you can go really bold with these Grilled Ice-Cream Sandwiches from our friends over at Cooking Light. This genius recipe features ice cream slathered in between two grilled cheese sandwiches with apple butter for a flavor combination reminiscent of apple pie. Uh, yum. Sign me up for one! Would it be lunch or dessert? We'll let you decide!

Bacon lovers are going to go ga-ga over this is-it-a-dessert-or-is-it-lunch combination. Mostly credited as a great afternoon snack, this grilled nut-butter, banana, and bacon melt is the perfect hunger satisfier, and not to mention, supremely easy to make.

Oh my, if you're a lover of strawberries and/or goat cheese, prepare to swoon. Layered in between two lightly toasted whole grain brain slices (sturdy breads like Pepperidge Farm work really well for grilled sandwiches, just saying...) and topped with some fresh greens, this 5-star sandwich recipe deserves a plate all its own.

Goat Cheese and Strawberry Grilled Cheese

This sweet and savory combo features not only cheddar cheese and apple slices, but also apricot preserves. This takes the sweet factor up a few notches, so feel free to pile on even more cheese to compensate if you find the end result too sweet. Because let's be real, when we're talking grilled cheese sandwiches, there's no such thing as too much cheese.

Grilled Apple and Cheddar Sandwiches

Out in California, there's a really great gem of a place called Cowgirl Creamery. Known for their artisan cheeses, you can bet that they know a thing or two about how to use them in their cooking. This recipe is adapted from one found in their own cookbook called Cowgirl Creamery Cooks and features gruyère cheese, fromage blanc, and thinly sliced asian pears for that zap of sweetness to match that savory cheese.


Of course, if adding that touch of sweetness isn't to your liking, you always opt for the classic recipe instead. You can never go wrong with a classic grilled cheese. Also, find out how to amplify the cheese factor with this extra cheesy grilled cheese!