When looking at food online, I try to decide if it's inspirational or aspirational, which, for me means, "Are we actually going to ice our cake using bubble wrap or just pin it and never think about it again?"

"I knew I shouldn't have cooked this in the dishwasher. Stupid Pinterest."

"I knew I shouldn't have cooked this in the dishwasher. Stupid Pinterest."

Here are our favorite food hacks you'll never, ever need.


The next time you want to eat an apple and refuse to eat the peel, but can't wait the 30 seconds it takes to peel it using any number of methods, then, by all means, go to the garage, find your drill, charge it, get the right bit, clean the bit, wash the apple, put on your safety goggles (because, safety), and maybe maim your apple. Now wasn't that easy?


Fajitas for ten? Pimiento cheese for your entire class? We're trying to imagine where, outside of a commercial kitchen, you'd need to chop 15 bell peppers at one time.


You know what I never have at home? Plates. Or paper napkins. Or hands. That said, come picnic time, this one might come in handy. But still, hands.


This can't be the easiest way to peel an egg. Also, please don't blow on my food. Ever.


And while we're at it, is separating eggs all that hard? There's no need to bring a plastic bottle into this equation. (But kudos for recycling.)

What food hacks do you find hilarious?

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Happy cooking!

By Ashley Kappel and Ashley Kappel