Loaf pan dinners are easy and delicious. Who's hungry?

Meatloaf Mexicana

Why make boring meat-and-potatoes meatloaf? Go Tex-Mex by adding jalapeños and taco seasoning. Pair with refried beans and street-style corn.

Mama's Meat Loaf

Mama really does know best if classic meat loaf is what you're looking for. Bell peppers, white bread, and ketchup round out this easy main dish.

Want to make anything better? Wrap it in bacon. The juices from the bacon add rich flavor to the loaf, which is made from mostly pantry staples.

Vegetable "Meat" Loaf

Trust us, you have to try this meat-free "meat" loaf. It's loaded with veggies and will surprise the heck out of your kiddos.

Sirloin and Parmesan Meat Loaf

Surprise! This meatloaf using a loaf pan for shaping, then cooks much faster when unmolded onto a baking sheet.