From unique ways to utilize your stand mixer to reviving stale bread, this list of useful hacks is packed with 25 simple tricks that will help make your life way easier in the kitchen. We're all for that!

Cheese Grater:

Butter for baked goods: Grate sticks of frozen butter right into the mixing bowl. Way easier than the traditional way of cutting in butter for crusts, pastries, and biscuits.

Quick, fresh tomato sauce: Start with ripe, in-season tomatoes. Slice in half. Place cut side of tomato on coarse side of the box grater and grate. The box grater will naturally peel the tomato. Discard skin. Add olive oil, salt and pepper to fresh tomato juice and serve over pasta for the freshest tomato sauce imaginable.

Low-fat ice cream: Grate frozen bananas into a bowl. Top with low-fat chocolate sauce and enjoy a tasty ice cream alternative.

Bundt Pan:

Chicken roaster: layer lemons, onions, and fresh herbs in the bottom of the bundt pan. Use coil to cover the hole in the middle of the bundt pan, then place bird over the opening of the pan. Rub the skin with butter and spices, then roast at 425 degrees for an hour. The result? Perfectly crispy chicken skin all the way around.

Ice ring: Place a few inches of water in the bottom of a bundt pan. Add sliced citrus, berries, or even herb into the ring (keeping in mind that as it melts, the items will float in the beverage). Freeze until firm, then add a second layer of water and fruit. Freeze again. To unmold, run warm water over the bottom of the bundt pan until the ring releases.

Cut corn: For safe and mess-free cutting the corn off the cob, stand the corn in the center of the bundt pan. Using a knife cut down the cob, top to bottom. Rotate and Repeat.

Unique Uses for Tongs:

Open beer: Use the edge of barbecue tongs to open a bottle of beer by positioning it in between the tongs and using the edge to pop the top off.

Get more juice out of citrus: cut the fruit (lemon or lime) in half and place one half between the prongs. Working over a sieve, squeeze the open end of the tongs with both hands until all the juice is out. You will get more juice than you would by using your hands alone.

Oil/clean the grill: Preheat the grill for 15 minutes. Scrape the grill grate with a stiff wire grill brush. Grab a wadded up paper towel with grill tongs and dampen it with a little vegetable oil. Use tongs to rub the oily paper towel over the grill grate. The oil lubricates the grill and prevents food from when cooking and also helps to keep past flavors from infiltrating the food.

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