Brent's shotgun fire rang in my ear around 9 am the day before Easter, as we sat side-by-side next to a pine tree at our favorite hunting spot. He'd picked a fine place to set up, as we'd been surrounded by gobblers and hens most of the morning. While I, the turkey hunting rookie, looked left for any sign of turkeys approaching, several gobblers were answering his calling back to my right. Until he fired the shot, I had no idea they were that close! But Brent took a nice gobbler from the group, and that meant one thing: We were fixin' to fry up some juicy wild turkey!

Brent cleaned the 21-pound bird back at the hunting camp, and we saved one of the breasts to fry on Easter Sunday for lunch with his parents and our daughter. We've spent every Easter that we've been married in the woods turkey hunting. What better way to celebrate God than spending time in His creation!

Wild turkey is delicious fried just the same as you would chicken fingers, by slicing into strips, coating in seasoned flour (or a breading mix), and frying in vegetable oil until golden. This time, I made the mistake of slicing the strips too thick, and some pieces weren't quite done. However, we refried them lightly the next day, and they were just as delicious on the next round.

Easter lunch was a nice and relaxing meal of fried turkey, deviled eggs (which my sweet mother-in-law made from the eggs we dyed with our daughter), homemade mashed potatoes, canned cranberry sauce, and canned Veg-All.

If you've ever cooked wild turkey, what's your favorite way to prepare it?