By Ashley Kappel
November 14, 2011

It happens to everyone. You call your holiday hostess and ask the age-old question, "What can I bring?" When the response is clear ("Sweet potato casserole!" "Dinner rolls!" "Wine!"), it's a cinch. Then you need only find a favorite recipe and get to work. However, when you hear the vague response, "How about a dessert?", that's when you need to get your recipe juices flowing.

Thanksgiving desserts can be tricky. Like a second-stringer trying to follow a Heisman winner during the big game, the dessert has to follow what is quite possibly the year's most delicious meal without fading into the background. In short, it must be memorable and delicious, with just enough sugar to snap even the weariest of holiday eaters out of their food comas.

Enter the cheesecake. Its not-too-sweet flavor palate makes it a refreshing finish to any holiday meal and it can be tailored to fit any occasion or event. For the holidays, we suggest serving a White Chocolate Cheesecak with Cranberry Currant Compote. The compote, which comes together in fifteen minutes using only four ingredients, makes this dessert a showstopper at the dessert buffet. The crimson glow of the berries against the pure white chocolate cheesecake is enough to make me stop and lick my screen right now. In lieu of that, I may just have to head out to the grocery store.

Before I fall prey to this indulgent Thanksgiving dessert, let me remind you of the three Holiday Dessert Laws, unwritten up until this point:

1) It must be beautiful. We didn't say "fancy"; homespun with a little greenery is just as beautiful as a tiered layer cake.

2) It must be delicious. Your goal, upon first bite, is silent rapture, then an appreciative "Mmmmm..."

3) It must be better than your Mother-in-Law's. This part may now be written, but it should still go unsaid. At least until you can take a count of whose dessert has more leftovers the next day. Wait, there's no cheesecake left? That's what we thought!

Whatever you choose to eat this Thanksgiving season, eat well and share it with those you love. Happy feasting!

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