It's April 1st, April Fools' Day, also known as one of the weirdest days ever on the internet. We're sure everyone's Facebook feed is full of a multitude of pranks, jokes, and "shocking" reveals. Even the food world couldn't resist getting a bit goofy on this special day with a compilation of disgusting recipes, mind-blowing techniques, and outrageous startups.

Bon Appétit


Bon Appétit is going full force into April Fools' with a big reveal: Their new editor in chief is none other than Bobby Flay himself. When quoted, Flay seemed excited for the new opportunity and said he was thrilled to help readers live the best way they can, "With one hundred percent more chile peppers.”

Bon Appétit's monstrosity

An amazing shake that just happened to come out on April 1st is playing on the recent rainbow bagel trend. The Everything Spiced Rainbow Bagel Milkshake (with Churros) features a rainbow bagel milkshake with a cotton candy, spiralized zucchini, turmeric, mushrooms, bacon, rainbow sprinkles, beet syrup, quinoa, matcha, and more! Those interested in getting the recipe are going to be highly disappointed.



Kristen Miglore, Food52's executive editor, took to Facebook via video today to reveal what's definitely going to be the trend to replace avocado toast: hot guacamole. We're not talking "spicy hot" here either, she means temperature.

Miglore starts the video with throwing in a dig by saying the recipe is from a "New food luminary on the scene, Buzzfeed Tasty." She then proceeds to create the Bacon Chicken Guacamole Bacon Chicken Bombs with highly accurate cooking advice and measurements (like 2 tblsps of lime juice). The end result is a slightly raw bacon-wrapped chicken breast stuffed with guacamole. Any avocado lovers dream dish!

Food Network

7 Ways to Cook With Bananas

7 Ways to Cook With Bananas

Food Network also excited their Facebook fans with a video of the latest and greatest culinary technique from Jeff Mauro, how to cut a banana. With classic music playing in the background so the viewer won't forget how high-brow his culinary prowess is, Mauro shows viewers how to get the best out their banana through chopping, slicing, peeling, cutting diagonally, and applying to a sandwich. Personally, our minds were blown.

The Kitchn

Don't you wish you lived in NYC now?

And finally, the easiest to fall for foodie joke of April Fools' Day 2016 (since fermentation is infinitely popular right now) is The Kitchn's feature on a new fermented food start up, Gutsy. Touted as "The Etsy of Fermented Foods" all products are available for next day delivery in the New York City metropolitan area. The startup has a specific focus on gut-health and brewing their kombucha during a full moon to give "your gut that desired glow." Overall, it's a business we would consider investing in!

If you're sad that Gutsy isn't a thing, don't worry! You can try your own hand at fermenting some kimchi:

By Hayley Sugg and Hayley Sugg