In my family, every Thanksgiving we participate in the annual tradition of rounding the table to share what we are thankful for. It seems there's always one family member who takes this holiday ritual way too seriously. (They're typically the one to read off a long list of rules before we start...) Well to keep the tradition going, here at MyRecipes, we are thankful for good food, like this Pumpkin Pound Cake. You may even want to replace your classic pumpkin pie after trying this heartwarming holiday cake. It offers a unique pumpkin twist on a classic fall favorite.

So, today is Thanksgiving. And now that the turkey is stuffed, casseroles are baked, and Nanna's buttermilk biscuits are fresh from the oven, let's bring on the family Thanksgiving traditions of board games, exchanging Christmas gift lists, and the lazy after-dinner naps in front of the fire following the feast. And remember, if you do experience chaos in the kitchen, fear not! For some answers to your most frequently asked Thanksgiving questions, look no further: Thanksgiving 911 will take your holiday meal from flop to top.

What are you favorite Thanksgiving meal traditions? Leave us a comment below and let us know or share your favorite #FamFoodFun memory here! For more yummy holiday recipes check us out on Facebook and Twitter. As we gather to celebrate this year with food, family, and friends, the memories will always be sweet. Happy Thanksgiving from our table to yours!