The beginning of Daylight Saving Time doesn't just mean losing an hour, it means losing an hour on a Sunday. Couldn't we move it back to lose an hour on a Monday, preferably one during that epic meeting we have scheduled?

In lieu of that, we suggest making the most of your Sunday by bidding farewell to that lost hour with easy-breezy spring recipes. If you're going to lose an hour in your day, you may as lose two and have a gorgeous cake to show for it. Case in point:


If you insist on having something for dinner to go with that gorgeous cake (so demanding of you!), then we suggest inviting a few friends over for this must-try Cooking Light Spring Forward Menu. This colorful, easy-to-make menu trumpets the year's new crop of vegetables and fruits, from an elegant pasta salad made with asparagus and cherry tomatoes to playful Pavlovas topped with mango and pineapple. Are you drooling yet?

What are you doing with your "lost" hour this Sunday?

By Ashley Kappel and Ashley Kappel