It’s sung by carolers, spelled out in lights, and written all over your child’s face. It’s how we jumpstart our festive spirits, take in the wonder of what’s around us, and combat the stress of so much shopping, baking, and wrapping. It’s “JOY”—and it’s the emotional hallmark of the holiday season.

But have you ever stopped and considered just how you experience that incredible feeling of elation? When you keep it to yourself, it feels great, but it’s fleeting—a blissful blip before you move on with your day. Choose to share those good feelings with someone else, however, and the happiness becomes contagious—passing along from one person to the next until the world becomes a more joyful place.

Just how joyful is the world around you right now? According to a recent survey commissioned by Reddi-wip, 93% of Americans want to find more ways to experience joy every day. And only 2 out of 5 think they have enough joy in their lives. That’s why, at Reddi-wip, we are on a mission to generate more joy—and more importantly, #ShareTheJoy, as often as possible.

Join the effort and top off your holiday cheer! Try incorporating some of these ideas onto your festive calendar.

  1. Create together. Whether you’re handcrafting your own Hot Chocolate Truffle gifts or baking Monkey Bread for the holiday brunch, make it a joint effort with someone special. Share memories, tips, and a few belly laughs while whipping up your masterpiece. You’ll find joy in the moment, and in a finished project that will bring happiness to others, too.

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