The hardest part of cooking is finding the time to make everything come together just right. On Easter Sunday, I'm balancing two kiddos, family in town, church services, and actually getting myself out of my jammies. When I was little, Sunday lunch was always a family affair, one my mom pulled off with ease.

I didn't inherit that gene.

The good news is that my slow cooker has become my go-to. For a shower, I once hooked up four to make enough roast for the entire party (the co-hostesses offered to foot my power bill!).

So save yourself the hustle and bustle and make a slow cooker Easter. You won't be sorry!

Honey Mustard-Glazed Ham

A simple four-ingredient glaze takes this simple ham to memorable heights. It cooks on low for eight hours, so set it before bed to enjoy for an early brunch, or when you first get up for a true Sunday Supper.

Slow-Cooker Sweet Potatoes with Bacon

Sweet potatoes are a must--it's one of the only dishes everyone in my family loves! I like what this user suggested we add, "I found the sweet potatoes cooked on low within 4 hours. The juice in the bottom wasn't very interesting to my taste so I added a little bourbon. I cooked the garlic before garnishing the dish as I was making it for a crowd who wouldn't have appreciated raw garlic sprinkled on top, even if there was BACON involved. The potatoes were not all whole after cooking so I coarsely mashed them and added the thickened sauce and parsley, garlic, bacon and zest. Everyone liked them!"

Warm Turnip Green Dip

We believe it making our greens after the big day, so you can toss the ham hock in for extra flavor, but this must-make appetizer dip is pretty high on our list of must-makes. Plus, it'll save your ham, which tends to get picked over if you let your guests get too hungry before the main event. This dish comes together quickly in a Dutch oven, then keeps warm in a slow cooker.

Now, for the best part. Dessert.


Cheesecakes can be daunting for anyone, so save yourself the drama by making this amazing, swirly dessert in your slow cooker. Dreams do come true, people.

Don't believe you can make anything in your slow cooker? Watch us make a delicious cake:

What's your favorite way to use your slow cooker?

By Ashley Kappel and Ashley Kappel