Listen up, Dads. We know you have good intentions, but the reality is that getting up, gathering the kids in the kitchen, and making a breakfast-in-bed menu for Mom before she a) wakes up, b) hears the chaos in the kitchen, or c) calls down to see if you'd like some help is only slightly harder than finding that pesky other shoe five minutes before the dentist appointment.


Can Dads (and kids) cook? Absolutely! But making a breakfast with pint-sized helpers is tasking for even the most experienced home cook. This year, skip the five-step frittata and go with one of our fool-proof ideas that are sure to make the morning go easier and save someone a sink full of dirty dishes.

Mom-Pleaser #1: The Make-Ahead Option


If you can brown sausage, you can make this Breakfast Sausage Casserole. The make-ahead option allows you to do the "hard" things, like browning the meat, the night before after your helpers and the lady of the house have gone to bed. Assemble the casserole, tuck it into the fridge, then set the alarm a little early (no snooze button allowed!) to pop it in the oven. Get the kids involved by letting them tear up the bread the night before, pouring Mom a glass of juice, or setting the table with hand-colored place mats.

Mom-Pleaser #2: The Deceptively Easy Dish


This Brunch Parfait recipe is the ideal Mother's Day recipe because it's easy to make (you can even prep the fruit the night before), the kids can help by layering the ingredients or pouring on the granola, and you can serve it in a fancy-smancy glass that will make Mom feel all special and loved. Add a side of toast, slathered with Mom's favorite jam, and you're good to go.

Mom-Pleaser #3: A Family Affair


I always wondered if Mom heard the whispers and giggles downstairs and wished to be in on the action. Consider that maybe she'd take her "special Mom moment" later in the day while taking a walk, enjoy a spa pedicure, or meeting girlfriends for coffee, and invite her in on the breakfast fun. Make a rule that she's only allowed to sit at the table; no helping allowed! This way, she's treated like a Queen but doesn't miss out on the sure-to-happen impromptu fun. Basic Buttermilk Pancakes, which (of course!) require flipping, are guaranteed to bring a few giggles out of the crew. Let the kids help by adding chocolate or peanut butter chips to the batter.

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By Ashley Kappel and Ashley Kappel