There are only four days left until Christmas! Have you gotten all of your shopping done? Hey, if not, that's what these last few days are for, right? Luckily, we've got some great recipes that make it really easy to roll right out of bed on Christmas morning and have plenty of choices to keep everyone in your household happy. One of our favorites? A pan of delicious cinnamon rolls. It's hard to resist the amazing aroma of warm cinnamon and sugar wafting through the house. There are so many different ways to cook up cinnamon rolls, whether you choose to use canned biscuit dough or whip up your dough from scratch. Another easy thing to do is to prep the dough in the pan ahead of time and then simply pop the rolls into the oven on Christmas morning.

For simplicity and ease, casseroles and prepped-ahead foods are definitely the way to go. If muffins are your favorite holiday breakfast treat, you can always mix up the batter, cover, and refrigerate overnight to cut out some steps the next day. Another great way to keep out of the kitchen in the morning is to prep a french toast recipe in a casserole dish. You can very easily warm up your wintery morning by layering the top of this cozy french toast dish with peaches and brown sugar. To see how easy this overnight peaches-and-cream french toast is to whip up, check out the video below!

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