By Ashley Kappel
March 23, 2016

Holiday meals are the best, but somehow leftovers are even better. Before you panic about how to use up the spiral ham and all those delicious sides, check out what you can make with those tasty leftovers.

Leftover ham is the most versatile ingredient to use up. Fry it in a skillet for indulgent breakfast sandwiches, chop it into a cobb salad, or layer it into a comforting casserole, this the one pictured above. We love that it brings in fresh asparagus, making it the perfect spring casserole.

Listen up. That gallery up there? The one with 35 ways to use up your holiday leftovers? Pin it, save it, share it, post it, tweet it, and print a hard copy just to be safe. It shows delicious ways to use up leftover peas, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, dinner rolls, red wine, and more. If you find it in your fridge two days later, look here to find out what to do with it. Personally, we're starting by using our leftover ham, dinner rolls, and peas in that loaded potato soup.

If you're not the traditional ham type, keep this round up of 8 funky leftovers around. Those quesadillas feature smoked salmon, a common leftover from any brunch or appetizer spread.

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What leftover are you worried about using up? Tell us in the comments so we can help!