Grab your witch hat and do a happy dance; October 1 marks the first day it's completely ok to obsess over Halloween recipes. We hear you; it's so hard to wait to break out the super cute cupcakes and spooky-fun porch decorations, but now you have, so feel free to go hog-wild for the next few weeks.

As with every holiday, we here at prefer to decorate with things we can snack on, should our blood sugars reach a pre-holiday panic-inducing low level (Warning signs include grumpiness, snack stealing, and a general Bah! Humbug! outlook).

Our solution? Edible treats to adorn your home. Try White Meringue Ghosts (looped onto a Charlie Brown-worthy tree with licorice rope) for a festive hallway decoration.


Prefer to see your sweets on a completely edible surface? Go ghoulish with Ghostly Pizza, a dinner that's sure to get a smile out of the kids (and get some calcium into them!).

Halloween is all about getting creative and, if you can, using what you can find around your house. Break out the cookie cutters and start making veggie ghosts and cornbread cats. By the time you're finished, you may even forget about going door-to-door for candy.

By Ashley Kappel and Ashley Kappel