Making food gifts for the holidays can be easy, inexpensive and fun. The key is to make something you can prepare in large batches that won't keep you in the kitchen all day. Most of my family and friends are chocoholics, so this year I chose to make little boxes of dark chocolate truffles with sea salt. In my mind, truffles have always appeared to be luxurious and intimidating-to-make confections. However, I have discovered that you can easily make them at home with only a few ingredients, and they are a great option that will make your loved ones feel oh-so-special. These truffles are so rich and decadent that just one (I promise!) can satisfy the aching sweet tooth that inevitably shows up at the end of every holiday meal. Plus, there is just something irresistible about the balance of sweet and salty you get from the dark chocolate and the sea salt.


After the truffles were covered in chocolate, sprinkled with salt and set, it became all about presentation. Packaging is the first thing someone notices when you give them a gift so make sure to dress it up! I purchased cheap red candy boxes at a local craft store and used natural colored ribbon to tie a simple bow. After adding a little greenery and berries scavenged from my yard (free!), these gifts were ready to go. At under $2.00 per box, these truffles were undeniably scrumptious and very budget-friendly. For a more personal touch, you can adorn your own holiday gifts with free printable gift tags.


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