2014 is here, and with it is the promise of new beginnings, fresh starts, and a whole year just waiting to unfold.

Got resolutions? So does the team. And we'd love to help you with yours - whether it's learning to cook, losing weight, getting organized, or saving money.

Also, for all you college football fans out there, BCS Bowl Week begins today with the Rose Bowl and Fiesta Bowl. We love our football here at MyRecipes (after all, we ARE headquartered in Alabama) and half the staff will be cheering on the Crimson Tide in the Sugar Bowl tomorrow, while the other half can't wait until the Auburn Tigers take on FSU in the National Championship next Monday! Make the most of Bowl Week this year with some great tailgating appetizers and victory-worthy desserts.

January also means it's time for cozy comfort foods like soup, casseroles, chili, and pot pies. These hearty foods don't just fill the belly - they warm the soul, especially when served with love.

However you decide to celebrate the start of the New Year - whether with a fancy New Year's brunch with your 40 best friends, or a small, cozy, casual gathering with family - cheers to YOU, our loyal readers, from the entire family!