Today is Cinco De Mayo! First of all, let's start with the basics. The 5th of May is not actually Mexico's independence day, contrary to what some may believe. In actuality, this day commemorates the victory made by the Mexican army in 1862 in the Battle of the Puebla against the French during the Franco-Mexican War that took place between 1861 and 1867. In the battle, the Mexican troops were vastly outnumbered and untrained in comparison to the French forces, which is why the victory became known as such a symbolic one. In the United States, the holiday has taken on a symbolism of its own as a celebration of Mexican culture marked with parades, mariachi bands, and festivals brimming with authentic mexican food, seen largely in cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, Denver, and Portland.

Want to join in on the festivities? Because food is such a deep part of nearly all cultural celebrations, it's the perfect way to take part in Cinco De Mayo this year. Tacos, anyone?

Shredded Chicken Tacos with Mango Salsa

Apart from some amazing taco recipes like the one above to be enjoyed today, let's not forget taco salads. These big bowls of awesome are filled to the brim with amazing taco flavor but piled high with veggies, guacamole, and anything else you could ever dream of.

Taco Salad Recipes

I love to eat Mexican food paired with a great Mexican beer, like Corona, Modelo, or my new favorite brand, Victoria, which is a newcomer to the Mexican beer scene in the United States, but has been enjoyed in Mexico as a top contender for decades. To find some great cocktails from margaritas to mixed beer drinks that would pair perfectly with your Cinco De Mayo celebration, check out the awesome drinks in this collection below:

Cinco De Mayo Cocktails

To check out even more great cocktails, we've assembled some great ones featuring a Mexican delicacy, tequila! Tequila began its commercial enterprise in 1758 by a family who's name you may recognize, the Cuervo family. Learn more about this integral Mexican spirit right here. Happy Cinco De Mayo!