To everyone who's joined us and our Time Inc. family in our #HowWeJulia birthday celebration today, we sincerely thank you for turning out. We've had a fantastic Monday at the office toasting a woman who continues to educate and inspire us in the best way we know how--by cooking, eating, chatting, laughing, and sharing, all in the name of having a little fun.And one of the most powerful aspects of this 104th birthday extravaganza, for us, has been seeing how Julia Child has inspired you. From the Instagrams of Julia quotes, to the countless "Happy Birthday" well wishes on every #HowWeJulia post today... to the stories that so many students of the Julia Child School of Cooking and Living have shared in the comment sections of our Facebook Live videos, this outpouring of admiration has been downright amazing to witness. The people who participated in today's celebration of Julia Child reiterate just how wide and strong her reach remains, and have provided a mighty dose of positive energy that the Internet doesn't see terribly often. And that's a Julia-sized birthday gift if I ever saw one.

Below is a taste of what today's birthday party looked like, a compilation of some of our favorite user comments and posts driven by the #HowWeJulia hashtag:

Dana Alan Ruthers: "I remember on her show once where the rack slipped while she was taking a roast out of the oven. When the roast hit the ground she took a fork and picked it up and put it back in the pan and then looked directly into the camera and said, Just remember, what happens in your kitchen is your business and no one else's!"

Virginia Stewart: "Of course, when she is talking to the camera when the merengue she is whipping splashes on the camera lens. She didn't miss a beat. Wiped off the camera lens as she continued her instruction. Knocks me out every time!"

Ellen Evgenides: "As a bride I was enlightened by, Half of being a good cook is knowing how to cut things... the other half is knowing how to recover from mistakes."

MA Alexander: "I remember when Julia Child offered commentary at the White House during the state visit for Queen Elizabeth II in 1976 for the bicentennial, she was one in a million :)"

Shakti Niranjchana: "When my hubby complimented me on my cooking and told me I cooked like Julia Child and gifted me her book. I was really flattered."

Katherine Mann: "I loved her cooking shows growing up..the thing that that intrigued me with her was her being a double agent..i thought well they have to eat"

Sylvia A Winckler: "My M-in-L gave me a copy of The Joy of Cooking when we were married. My very worn cookbook is still used 54 years later!"

DrSusan Yorke: "I loved watching Julia as a child. I learned to chop onions because of Julia and I learned that no matter who you are, cooking should be a joy, not a nightmare."

Rebecca Faulk: "I fell in love with cooking because of her. Happy Birthday Julia."

JoAnn White: "I remember when I was in college, I watched a Julia Child show, and saw her make an Omelet, she made it look so easy, that I thought I could attempt! I DID IT! She was forever loved by me from that moment on!"

Ceci Alb-Mag: "Happy birthday to a revolutionary in the kitchen, Ms. Julia Child. Remember, She tops everything off with some wine at the end."

Anna M. Perez: "I was excited to find a le creuset dutch oven at Marshall's for $50!! It inspired me to make Julia's Beef Bourguignon whenever I can... even on unreasonably hot days like today. #HowWeJulia"

Bethalie Gatilao Kruk: "I loved watching Julia on PBS when I was little. She inspired me to start cooking/baking at age 7-8 yrs. just finished watching a Food and Wine/Time magazine live demo honoring Julia Child's bday. They made Crepe Suzettes."

Julie Andrade: "Happy Birthday, Julia Child! She was an amazing woman!"



Tom Cappy: "My favorite Julia quote: Everything's better with butter."

Ilze Bezuidenhout: "If your afraid of cream, use butter. Have that quote in my kitchen."

Laura Stassi-Castillo: "I remember my grandmother enjoyed watching Julia Child cooking show on TV and I watched along."

Nancy Tirrell Springston: "I watched her when I was a teenager, now 70, and still love to cook well."

Lucinda Grant: "Julia was the best! Her books gave me the courage to cook."

If you missed any of the festivities, you can catch all of the Facebook Live videos from today by visiting each participating Time Inc. brand's Facebook page, or simply by searching #HowWeJulia on Facebook. And please, keep the party going by sharing your favorite Julia Child recipes, memories, and quotes on you favorite social platforms and in the comments below.

By Darcy Lenz and Darcy Lenz