Last night was great but now it's the morning after... and after one too many Strawberry Margarita Jell-O Shots, you're feeling that next-day nausea. In need of a cure? If you're brave enough to try a Bull's Eye - OJ and a raw egg - more power to ya! Or for a more subtle approach, an omelet should do the trick. Eggs work wonders when curing those unruly alcohol-induced ails. They are rich in amino acids which help eliminate the toxins that contribute to your hangover. According to GrubHub, omelets were ordered a whopping 231% more on New Year's Day last year as compared to a typical weekday. That's a lot of egg!

Here's our recommended steps on the road to post-party recovery:

1. Cook up a cure with Three-Egg Omelets and Whisky Bacon.2. Juice up and replenish electrolytes with the ultimate Hangover Cure.3. And lastly, curl up on the couch and browse MyRecipes to find amazing new recipes for the New Year.

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