With Friday the 13th right around the corner (and just before Valentine's Day, no less!), it's the perfect time to review the freaky food superstitions held by people around the world:

It sounds like a fish story to us, but for centuries fishermen have vehemently refused to have bananas on their boat. Rumor has it that an illness once befell one fisherman after eating the fruit, or at least that's how he explained his poor catch that day. If you do go fishing with a superstitious angler and must bring a banana, hide it inside an innocent chocolate cake, and don't offer to share.

Other crazy fears and traditions? Only cutting cakes on Christmas Eve, and saving at least one slice for the big day; finding true love in the shape of an apple peel; and, of course, eating black-eyed peas on New Year's Day.

In my house, we never had "bad luck" food superstitions, but we did have several happy traditions including making Grandma's rolls for every major holiday, eating chicken noodle soup and cheese toast on Sunday nights, and making a huge batch of baked spaghetti for the entire team the night before a big game.

I'm happy to report that food never directly altered the outcome of pretty much anything in my life, other than leading to the occasional tummy ache from overindulgence or satisfied nap following a brunch splurge. What traditions do your families have? I know somebody must've actually thrown salt over their shoulder after a tabletop spill...