A few weekends ago, my baking buddy Joanna and I embarked on an epic baking day with a single mission: to master Bakerella's famous and delicious Cupcake Bites. Bakerella is known for her over-the-top adorable bite-sized treats including Halloween-inspired goblins, crazy-cute turkeys, and even some Dukes of Hazard-inspired cupcake treats. She's a master of the miniature.

We decided to try making the cupcake bites because, honestly, who doesn't love mini cupcakes? Bakerella's recipe calls for boxed red velvet cake, cooked and crumbled, mixed with store-bought cream cheese icing. It gets a little messy, so hold on tight. Roll the cake mixture into balls, then press into a flower-shaped cookie cutter (to give the cupcakes the fluted edge). Chill the shaped cake for a bit in the fridge (a few segments of a chick flick will do), then get to decorating!

I'd picked up some necessities at Hobby Lobby including chocolate candy melts, pink chocolate candy melts, gift bags, ribbon, M&Ms (for the cherries!), and edible glitter (for the sprinkles).

It was a blast! We definitely got messy dipping and topping these tiny treats, but it was a great time. At first we thought they might not end up nearly as cute as her version, but once they were decorated, they totally lived up to the site's pictures (which are gorgeous). I took them to my fiance's family for Thanksgiving and they were a hit! Super moist, very filling, and cute as buttons. Plus, the candy melts surround the cake, giving it a kind of shell that keeps the cake moist and delicious for days.

Set aside an afternoon and get baking! Save time by making the cake ahead. You can crumble it, mix it with the icing, and shape it the night before so it has time to chill in the fridge, then invite some friends over and get decorating. Package them three to a bag for a super budget-friendly giftable treat sure to impress friends, family, and even future in-laws this holiday season.

By Ashley Kappel and Ashley Kappel