We’ll take 50.
Toll House Cookie Skillet
Credit: Instagram u/threesnackateers

The masterminds at Toll House have done the impossible: They’ve come up with a gift that literally everyone wants.

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Seriously, imagine getting a Christmas tree or gingerbread man-shaped cookie skillet—with included chocolate chip cookie mix—and being disappointed. It just isn’t done.

As Delish first reported, Instagram user @threesnackateers spotted these Nestlé products at Walmart:

If you’re unfamiliar with the ooey-gooey wonder that is a chocolate chip skillet cookie, you haven’t lived, my friend.

“Not only fill your home with the aroma of fresh baked cookies but add some fun to your baking experience with these holiday shaped skillets,” the product description reads. “Treat your sense of smell and your sweet tooth, just grab a fork and enjoy!”

The cast iron skillets are available in stores for only $5.98, so you can load up on just-in-case gifts—you know, those spares you have lying around just in case someone gives you a present you weren’t expecting.

Instead of adding to their growing collection of lavender-scented candles, surprise your would-be jilted friend with something they’ll actually use.

Or buy the pair and keep them for yourself. We’re not here to judge.