(photography by Abbi Masters)

Since I've been pregnant, my cravings can be summed up in 3 words: beef, cheese, and chocolate. The latter of the 3 is pretty much a necessity each day, so when my brother-in-law picked up this curious little tin while my husband and I were vacationing with the family, I had to try it out.


What lied inside was truly fabulous! Upon further investigation, I learned that Sin in a Tin (visit, as it was cleverly named by its creator, Chef William Guthrie, can be served by itself, with fresh fruit, or spread on cookies. It's also gluten-free and makes a GREAT gift! But I had to know, would others love this treat as much as I did?


So I served both Sin in a Tin and its fruity sidekick, Lemon Lust, to our group of editors at work, and I was not the only one who loved it. Here are just some of the comments about the chocolaty piece of heaven:

  • "Scratched my chocolate itch!"
  • "Incredible! Love the cute packaging, too. Would be great for a gift."
  • "I like to sin! I mean, in a tin..."
  • "All I can say is...WOW!!!"
  • " it! Love the texture! Very satifying even if you only have a taste."

Now if they would only package my other cravings in cute little tins...