Last weekend kicked off the 2008 college football season and I was fortunate enough to attend the Alabama/Clemson game in Atlanta. My sister (1st girl from right) and I (2nd girl from right) decided against throwing a big tailgate for this game so we set off on foot to visit our friends’ tailgates around the Georgia Dome and Centennial Park. Not wanting to carry a heavy cooler but also not wanting to mooch off our friends, I strapped on the Beer Holster from our Xtreme Tailgating guide and had Angela (my sis) load it up with beer. Granted, the holster only holds 4 cans so our "loading" wasn't anything too wild but it was the perfect-sized cooler for two (or one depending on how much you want to drink). Once we were finished with our very cold beers (it held the cold temp great!), we rolled up the holster and stuffed it into her purse. (Another plus considering I have stashed many a cooler before a ballgame only to come back to find it gone.)


One thing to note: When wearing the Beer Holster, don't spend too much time around the cops. We were standing in front of 3 police officers in Centennial Park for about 5 minutes and I apparently was making them very nervous. My back was to them so I couldn't see but the people standing across from me said that they were all on the edge of their seats checking me (and the holster) out. Rephrase...checking the holster out. Once I unzipped it and pulled out a beer, they let out a huge sigh of relief and started to laugh. I offered them a cold beer but they declined since they were on duty. Maybe next time...