When I landed in New York City last week, myfirst stop was FatWitch Bakery in Chelsea Market. Fat Witch brownies are quite possibly themost delicious brownies in the country. Rich, buttery, and just sweet enough, Ilove the original Fat Witch (with or without walnuts) and the Java Witch (with cappuccinochocolate chips), although I won't turn down a Blonde Witch (a cross between a chocolate chip cookie and a brownie),Snow Witch (white chocolate), Red Witch (with dried cherries), or a CaramelWitch. I had a healthy addiction to their brownies while I lived in New York, and once Imoved, I made do with their mail order. But owner Patricia Helding hasfinally parted with the recipe -- through a mix. Threemixes are available from their Web site; choose from Original Witch, Snow Witch,or Blonde Witch ($8.99 per box). Bake up a batch (they work perfectly, just play around with the baking time depending on your oven).


And if you're in New York City don't miss Chelsea Market, an indoor food market in the Chelsea neighborhood where you'll find everything from fresh seafood from The Lobster Place and fresh-baked bread at Amy's Bread to the must-see wine store Chelsea Wine Vault, a fabulous authentic Italian market Buon Italia, and some tasty cupcakes and cookies at Eleni's.