After reading Ashley Johnson’s blog, We Heart Cupcakes, I was inspired and had a fervent desire to be my own Bakerella for our office Christmas party. I know I’m suppose to be writing about something different, but seriously I wanted to sacrifice an inventive blog post to reiterate how right Ashley was. These are so much fun to make!

Santa Bellies and Milk Chocolate Toffee Topping For mine I decided to go with the token Santa belt for the decor. I followed the red velvet cake instructions, mixed the crumbled cake with cream cheese frosting, structured the palm size balls, and stuck them in the freezer to get the yummy cake spheres firm enough to dip in milk chocolate and red colored white chocolate.

Following, I bought the ready-to-use Wilton icing, black for the belt and yellow for the buckle. I used a flat decorating tip to cord the belt and then I lined the buckle with the yellow. To top it off I added white sprinkles for the belt loops. The milk chocolate dipped cupcake balls were covered with toffee crumbles.

These are really great for parties, because they are bite-size and easy to make. You can be creative, messy, and your very own Bakerella. So, I want to again express my gratitude to Ashley’s blog entry and Bakerella. These are fabulous and festive.

Can you think of some creative ways to decorate and dress-up your baked goods?