As you might imagine, working at a food website in a heavily fooded company (do you read Southern Living or Cooking Light?) means unique perks, like when someone mentions they've left a goodie by the coffeepot, it's just as likely to be homemade cupcakes as it is a full-on pork roast from this afternoon's photo shoot.

That said, if you're dieting, it's a nightmare!

Luckily, I've outlawed "diet" from my language, at least when I'm having a 3:00 (or 11:00...) sugar craving. Imagine my happiness when, this week, our office manager sent a sweet note saying she had homemade pumpkin bread in her office and to swing by if we were so inclined.

Inclined, I was.

This pumpkin bread was amazing, light and moist, yet dense enough to handle the yummy fall spices. I went searching for the recipe on our site and found it immediately by the picture because the one she baked looked JUST LIKE IT.

Now I love to bake, but sometimes my cakes fall and sometimes my soups are a slightly different color than the ones pictured in the cookbook or online. But this beauty, it was the just-right browned color. You can almost smell the pumpkin just by looking at it.

The next time you're temping to buy the boxed mix and call it a day, give this Pecan-Topped Pumpkin Bread a try. You won't be sorry!

By Ashley Kappel and Ashley Kappel