There is one thing on this planet that most women I know can't live without: chocolate.So when a box of Green & Black's Organic Chocolate showed up at the MyRecipes door last Friday, there was no waiting to sample the bars after lunch...we had to hold a mid-morning tasting! Our editors gathered like a bunch of school girls in one office, swapping bars and reviews with one another. And after doing a little research (we're editors, of course we're going to look into it!), we found this chocolate had more to offer than just the delicious flavor.

  • Top 5 Reasons To Buy Green & Black's Chocolate
    5. Organic: The term in thrown around quite frequently, but this chocolate is certifiably organic ("grown using natural, sustainable farming methods with no pesticides").
  • 4. Price: We were shocked to find out these bars are only $3-$4 each!
  • 3. Location: We were even more surprised that they're available in local grocery and pharmacy chains.

2. Fair Trade:This is truly a gift that gives back!
1. Flavor: Multiple editors commited that the hints of fruit and other flavors were "fresh" and "spicy." Favorites among the group included White Chocolate, Maya Gold, and Peanut.

And to all you chocoholics out there, let us know what your favorites are. After all, it makes the perfect Valentine's Day gift!