As someone who constantly daydreams about furnishing and decorating her somewhere-in-the-future home, I troll a lot of websites like Williams-Sonoma and Pottery Barn.

But lately I've been perusing bar and drink accessories, dreaming of the day when I can entertain more than four guests at a time with cute cocktail napkins, unique accessories, and beautiful glasses. I've compiled a few of my new favorite items for you to share in the fun.

There are a lot of fun-shaped ice cube trays out there, but I really like the idea of just having plain old letters. You can make people's initials or give them a message with their drink.

I have a secret love for drink coasters -- but only if they're cute like little coaster gnome's. She/he has seven pages of coasters that are a far cry from the cardboard, cork, and cheap stone ones I've picked up over the years.


This next item is totally goofy, and I don't even drink that much wine. But I see nothing wrong with being prepared, and entertaining all at the same time.


And for my love of all things owl, this pitcher. So cute!


Where do you like to go for cute accessories like these? What's the coolest/prettiest/cutest bar or drink accessory you've seen?